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Plans for Ethel's Birthday

Information update.

I reserved the party room at Diggers until 7pm on Sunday. (We will still do the 1-4 for birthday party) but after 4pm when people leave the family can stay and do supper and visit with each other a little longer. 


Mom was worried about where everyone would go and she wanted to visit with the family afterwards but knew the apt would be too small, so I called and they said if we wanted to stay in the room after the birthday party to eat and socialize we could and they would send a waitress back to take the drink or food orders, mom was happy with that idea.

Also don’t’ forget Saturday afternoon mom made two requests:

  1. Family to go to church at Kasson with her at 5pm
  2. The siblings (brother/sisters and spouses) will be going to Hubble house for supper after church.

Julie and I will be flying in on Thursday morning and heading out on Monday morning.

 See you in 5wks………..Brenda


The money tree is no longer in the plans.

1/23/09   Info from Brenda DeBlieck on the party room.

I stopped at Digger’s yesterday to get “the lay of the land”.  Their banquet room is quite large and should be just fine for your mom’s open house.  There is a rather large dance floor in the center, where they don’t place chairs or tables.  But it will be a good area for people to stand and visit, kids to move around, etc.  We talked with your mom about taking one of her comfortable kitchen chairs for her to sit in.  That, too, should be on the center floor, away from the doors and away from tables where people are trying to sit, eat cake, etc.

Comfortably, we could have 14 banquet tables and 8 round tables set around the edge.  At the far end is a raised stage they probably use for musicians, so any program can be done from there.  From the ceiling hangs a silver disco ball, with white tulle and lights strung from that to the four corners.  Tulle and lights are draped on the walls, too.  There were two fake trees with white lights on them on the stage, and two more which could be placed by the door as an entrance.  They didn’t look too bad.

Are you planning to have a guest book?  If so, there would be room for that near the entrance.  Someone had talked at one time about having the grandchildren purchase a centerpiece for your Mother’s table.  I don’t think that will be necessary, as she doesn’t intend to sit at a table.  She needs to be where people can get to her and she can stand or sit as she wants.  But we could do something a little nicer as a centerpiece on the small table holding the guest book if you are planning to have one.

1/20/09 Dear Brothers and Sisters

  Itʼs that time to start moving along with projects that involve momʼs 90th birthday.

Can you believe it's almost the end of the month?

We have two projects that involve early planning which we need to get done before March.

Please forward this email (or call) your family members (children, grandchildren) so they are aware of these projects and have plenty of time to participate in them.

There is a deadline.




 Write a letter:

How mom/Grandma/ touched your life.


A story you remember that was special, a special way she touched your heart or influenced you in your life, a picture, picture drawing from the little ones, whatever it is you would like to say to her or had added to the scrap book.

(Hand written letters only please they are more personal.)

Donna is doing the scrap book. This project is time consuming so you need to have your letters to her by the second week of February.

March 1st will be the cut off date.

We hope everyone will be part of momʼs special keepsake.

Donna Morris

3521 Riverview Cr. S

Moorhead Mn.56560



Paula is doing the entertainment for the birthday. If you would like to participate email Paula or call her with you idea. or 952-934-5488

This takes organization because we have time limit on the entertainment.

She needs everyone who would like to participate to get your ideas to her no later then

March  1ST.

I would like the small grandchildren to sing Happy Birthday to her. She loves the little children as we all know. Make sure your child is prepared to group up with the other children on stage and sing together. When you see the candles being lite on the birthday cake take them to the stage at that time.

Thank you for participating in Momʼs 90th birthday she loves her family and everything will be a memory she holds  in her heart forever.

                                                                           See you in March! Love Brenda


This information will be nice for the brothers and sisters to view. They can see what all is going on. Thank you very much for helping out and providing a space on website for this, I know your very busy with the picture stuff and just wanted to let you  know I appreciate you very much.  I will send a email out to the brothers and sisters telling then they can check it for information........Have a great day...... Bren

             General Information:

Where: Diggers party room / Kasson Mn.

Date-March 29th 2009

Time-1pm- 4pm

Room Rental-$300.00


  Party information:

Party Room_ Holds up to 350 people

Tables……24 8ft, rectangular tables, 8 round

Beverages- Coffee/Punch/Water (Supplied by Diggers)

Cost: To serve approximately 200 people $100.00

Beverages will be set up prior to guest arrival.

Punch bowls and cups will be supplied by diggers along with a serving staff who will server drinks, keep the mints/peanuts refilled and bus tables.

Cake, Peanuts and Mints. Supplied by us,

(it’s the only food that can be brought into Diggers.)


             Projects for the Birthday Party:


 Eileen and Donna-Putting together a scrap book for mom.

Please keep Wendell and Eileen in prayers, Wendell’s has been dealing with some health issues. 

Scrap book:

Each of you have your own individual creativity and heart felt memories, if you would like to share them with mom, Donna will be putting together the scrap book.

Please send Donna anything you or your family would like to put in it no later then March 1st.

Donna’ Address:

Donna Morris

3521 Riverview Cr. S.

Moorehead Mn.56560

Each of you is responsible to tell your family members.

Use the holiday time to include this topic.


Dale and Judy- Dale is taking care of the financial records. Turn in any receipts for expenses to him; these will be tallied up at the end of the event.

$150.00 has already been put down as a deposit. We have $150.00 in our kitty which will go toward the remaining cost of the rental.

Judy is putting together a slide show which will be available for viewing on a Tv at the birthday party. This has pictures of mom’s childhood-adult years.

 If you would like to add one or two special pictures email them to Judy asap.

You can look at the slide show she has started to put together on this website.

Awesome Job!!!


Shelly- will put announcement of mom’s birthday in the church bulletin.

David D. – Is putting together a money tree. Mom said she did not want any gifts.

 A friend of mine shared the idea they did for her mother’s birthday, they did a money tree.

People can put money on the tree as a birthday gift to her.

David just took this project on recently so he is still in the creativity mode.

I am sure between him and Jeffery they will come up with an awesome tree!


Duane and Brenda-They are picking up the peanuts, mints, plates, forks and napkins.

Please keep Brenda in prayers she has been dealing with some health issues.

Paula- will be coordinating the entertainment; she is so gifted in this area. I am sure she will do an awesome job. If any of your family would like to participate in the entertainment contract her no later then March 1st!  


We will be doing entertainment approximately an hour, (their might be a time limit per person depending how many are involved)

 Mom is looking forward to this part of the event; this was something she mentioned that she has enjoyed in the past.

Each of you is responsible to tell your family members.

Use the holiday time to include this topic.


Don and Cindy –He will be putting ads in paper and ordering and picking up the cakes.

Mom put in her request already for carrot cake.

In a conversation mom and I had, she told me she planed  to go to the Dress Barn the first of the year to get an outfit for her birthday. I thought it would be a nice Christmas gift for us kids to put in $25.00 together and give her a gift certificate: totaling $150.00.

                       (Make sure to send $25.00 to Don and Cindy asap)

Cindy will be taking mom shopping for her birthday outfit. Girl’s day out! Fun!

Thanks Cindy!


Julie She will be doing the sign in book.

The book will be at the entrance area to sign.

Along with their name, we will have a space provided to put the year they met mom and where.

This should be a fun keepsake for mom to read.


 Me myself and IOrganizing- I am having way too much fun. Everyone is excited about participate and the ideas are phenomenal that people have came up with, what a gifted family.


I will be sending invitations out the middle of February; mom is sending me a list of addresses that she put together.

I still need a volunteer : Help!!!

 Taking pictures; I was hoping we can find someone to volunteer to dedicate their time for this project.

They would be taking pictures of the birthday party from 1-4

 Also mom wants family pictures taken.


 (Not sure if we want to do them before or after the event, I would suggest before so she isn’t tired, so we might want to arrive a little earlier then others.)

We would get copies for mom/brothers/sister

This allows us to enjoy the birthday and not have to worry about taking pictures.

If anyone in your family has a nice camera and would enjoy dedicating their time to do this please let me know.

If we don’t find anyone, break out your cameras!!!………haha


Decorating: It’s Open! I know we have someone creative out there………(smiile)


This is going to be a lot of fun … thank you for all your help and ideas.

If you have any other ideas you would like to share send them my way.

Keep checking the website for any thing new added.

March will be here before you know it……..

Thanks Judy for posting all this information your great!