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Menu for Ethel's Slides

I thought the family would like a preview of the slides for Ethel's birthday - then if you have others, you will know what I have so far.  There are 4 sets and 99 photos in all.  * Updated- 12/14/08 *

They are set to automatically advance, but you can also click on the next and previous buttons if you don't want to wait.  If the photo does not show in its entirety with the next and previous buttons, use the the scroll bar on the right side of the window to move the page down.

These slides are set to automatically preload - if you are on dialup and it takes too long - let me know.  Each set opens in a new window - just use the link to come back to this menu.

Set 1 - 1919 to 1934

Set 2 - 1935 to 1960's

Set 3 - Byron to 2000

Set 4 - 2001 to 2008